1. Issue Card / Personalized Cards
  2. Settlement of all utility bills
    Such as (Electricity, Water, telephone, cell phone, internet, (Orange-fixed line, Orange-Mobile, Orange-ADSL, Orange- Frame Relay, Umniah bills)), and others which is one of our free Services, our NE cardholder can authorize NE to settle their without any extra expense.
  3. NE card accepted in all government sectors
  4. 24/7 Call Center:
    our Call Center can support you 24 hours 7 days in the week and make reservation in hotels and restaurants
  5. SMS Service on each purchase
  6. Online Service:
    NE cardholders can view their statements online daily through company’s website,  log in to their accounts and  print  their statements whenever they want. Cardholders can also follow-up their purchases online, as well as knowing their daily transactions and specified limits.