Personal Cards

  • Call NE Center for Assistance: You can always call National Express from where ever you are in Jordan, and ask for the location of the nearest store that you are aiming to head to that welcomes NE cardholders, and our staff would be more than happy to road assist you to the locations of all these places that are closest to you, at no extra fees by calling our toll-free number at 0800 22 986.
  • NE online banking: Our online banking service makes it easier for you to get instant access to your card’s information in a timely manner, let that be during the day or night time. You can view transaction details, your available credit, balance owing, last payment, payment due date, minimum payment amount and more.
  • Lost your card? Call us on the toll-free no 0800 22 986
    Customer Service Call: 06 565 75 42 Or from your cell phone on: 079 59 50 54 8
  • Gold and Gold Special Cardholders are entitled to create a settlement card as a separate card and also entitled to have Benzene card for drivers so that their expenditures are controlled.