Chairman's Letter

I am pleased to welcome you to the National Express website.
I hope that our site will give you the opportunity to learn about our company and our services, products, history, and achievements which were based on our vision, mission and core values ​​that have guided our company towards excellence.
Over the past 25 years, National Express has played an active role in the development of the financial services sector, which stems from our strong commitment to servicing our customers through issuing credit cards with multiple features, Short-term and miscellaneous installement services.
In our pursuit for excellence, our company participated in the King Abdullah II Award for Institutional Excellence in the Private Sector on its 9th cycle, having been awarded the BID Award from Geneva, Switzerland. At the cultural level, our company supported a number of cultural festivals and events as well as encouraging our staff on adopting a smoke-free workplace and the principle of environmental conservation and recycling.
We are always proud of all the achievements we have made which is a powerful driver to continue the path of progress and growth towards setting the bright future ahead.
In this sense, we are harnessing all our capabilities to support and develop our human resources, which we are proud of and which are the main driver behind our success, keeping a constant commitment to our customers, partners and the community we serve and surround.
Hence, we set our vision and mission based on the criteria of excellence, sustainability and growth towards progress and success.
Welcome to our website.

Dr. Fouad Bajjali

Chairman of the Board of Directors