How To Become a Vendor (NE Merchant)

How to become a merchant (vendor) to 
join NE network
First of all, thank you for your consideration of building a strong partnership with National Express.
National Express considers you, the vendor, as a major part in our mutual partnership, success and customer satisfaction. When you welcome our cardholders at your location/s, you will be expanding your clientele, entering new markets and advertising your products to an attractive market segment. On the other hand, our services to you include: the ability to build an extensive network of professional contacts of the most popular and highly demanded locations in Jordan. In addition to advertising your location/s in our website. Furthermore NE would refer its customers to your location/s, hence notably increasing your quality and quantity of customers.
Hence accepting a National Express card will help your business grow, increase your customers and your revenues.

Why become our VENDOR?

National Express is constantly looking for the most preferred locations.
National Express strongly supports all its vendors and promotes their names and brands in different ways and methods. It also offers opportunities to promote special offers and promotions presented by the vendors themselves.
How to become a vendor
It is a very simple process!! All you have to do is, call us at +962-6-5657542 or call our Toll Free number which is 0800 22 986.