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National Express Card is a local card that operates in Jordan and aims to facilitate purchasing transactions and payments. It is issued according to the needs of individuals and companies in order to control and track expenses.

National Express offers its cardholders a variety of options including payment of utility bills (electricity, water, landline, cell phone, internet, etc.), as well as special purchases and credit facilities. It also offers multiple discounts and special rates to its customers and cardholders through its extensive network of merchants throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

In addition to that, an SMS message is sent to the cardholder after each purchase, and Clients can track their purchases and accounts via our website.

Types of Cards:

1. Personal Cards:                  

      - Blue Card

      - Gold Card                 

      - Gold Special Card             

      - Gift Card

      - Settlement card

2. Business / Corporate Cards:

     - Corporate Card

     - Corporate Credit Manager Card

     - Gift Card

     - Benzine Card

How To Become A Vendor

National Express considers you, the vendor, as a major part in our mutual partnership, success and customer satisfaction.

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